Raised Line Delineator

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Raised Line Delineator

Raised Line Delineator (Durham)
Raised Line Delineator
Raised Line Delineator (Durham)
Raised Line Delineator
Raised Line Delineator Middle Module
Raised Line Delineator Starter Module
Raised Line Delineator Starter and Middle Modules

The Raised Line Delineator is a tactile surface used in conjunction with a segregated shared cycle track/footway and is to advise visually impaired people of the correct side to enter.


The delineator is normally installed along the length of the route dividing the pedestrian from the cyclist side and is compliant with the requirements set out within the Guidance on the Use of Tactile Paving Surfaces.


1 metre in length, the delineator can be cut, trimmed or mitred to provide a fast and simple installation. 


We also offer starter and middle modules, measuring 300mm long.

Raised Line Delineator

Technical Information

Raised Line Delineator Profile
  • Trapezoid in profile
  • DfT compliant
  • 1 metre length
  • Starter and middle modules also available measuring 300mm long 
  • 20mm total height
  • Black with white markings for specification
  • Surface mounted
  • No excavation or spoil
  • Quick & easy to install 
  • Manufactured in the UK from recycled rubber

Frequently asked questions

Does the delineator allow for drainage?

For drainage, the delineators will need to be installed with a small gap

Is the delineator reflective?

The delineator features the same high visibility white reflective markings which are featured in all our products

Is the delineator a trip hazard?

The delineator is compliant with the requirements set out within the Guidance on the Use of Tactile Paving Surfaces

How are the delineators installed?

The delineators are wedged together and bolted down to cover the surface of the cycle track or footway. We can, however, offer adhesive with a 25-year lifespan as an alternative option  

Information Sheet

Download our method statement and information sheet for the Raised Line Delineator