RediPave Signs & Bollards

RediPave Traffic Islands can be installed with any signs, bollards, NAL sockets or lighted columns making for a quick and easy installation with minimum disruption

Kerbing & Traffic Islands

RediPave Signs & Bollards

RediPave Traffic Island with Sign & Pole Cones
RediPave Traffic Island with Bollards
RediPave Traffic Islands with Bollards
RediPave Traffic Island with Sign & Bollards

RediPave Traffic Islands can be combined with any lighted columns or posts. The Islands and Posts supplied can be surface mounted or excavated and the RediPave Traffic Islands simply slot directly around making an easy installation.

RediPave Signs & Bollards

Key Features

Options Include

Surface Mounted Bollards and Signs

Modules cut to accept Excavated Signs

Solar Powered Signs with Battery Box installed in modules

RediPave Signs & Bollards

Technical Information

RediPave 'Eco' Solar Package
Sign Fixing Kit
RediPave Installing an NAL Socket

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