TruckStop 150

Parking & Access

TruckStop 150

TruckStop 150
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TruckStop 150
TruckStop 150

TruckStop 150 is perfect for distribution and warehouse locations, as well as infrastructure sites such as ferry ports.


Easy Installation
Quick and easy to install and can be swiftly relocated.

Minimum Disruption
To users and the public.

Safety Profile
Bolt down with no excavation and no spoil.

High Visibility
High visibility yellow markings moulded into the product.

Recycled product made in the UK.


TruckStop 150

Technical Information


Height (mm)

Length (mm)

Width (mm)


Weight (kg)

CarStop 80 1000 140 3 7.0
TruckStop 115 115 1000 220 5 15.0
TruckStop 150 150 1000 300 5 25.0



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Method Statement

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