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Q. How long does it take to install a standard 1.5m x 1.5m RediPave Island?
A. Less than 1 hour. Click Here to see how

Q. Can I use Lighted Columns, NAL Sockets or posts with RediPave Islands?
A. Yes. But this will need to be specified on your order so modules can be modified to suit. Click Here to see how

Q. What radius can you achieve using your flexible Kerbing? 
A. SP Kerbs can be curved to Form a 4m radius and HB Kerbs 6m radius.



Q. How many cushions can you get on a pallet?
A. 3 per pallet for Short cushions (2.0m long) 2 per pallet for Long  cushions (3.0m long)



Q. Why does the Sitecop range require a reinforcing tube?
A. This is required for strength and alignment, only supplied if installation is carried out by Rediweld.



Q. What is the difference between a NS and NSE Fixing on Jislon Posts?
NS Fixings

  • Stronger fixings for High speed Roads
  • Can be removed
  • Has a locking Washer Rubber Cap available
  • Can be fitted on decking to a depth of 70mm

NSE Fixings

  • Quick to install 5-10 minutes per post
  • More Temporary
  • Grub Screw available for relocation
  • Cheaper  

Q. What does TSRGD mean in Jislon Pole Cones
A. The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (commonly abbreviated to TSRGD) is the law that sets out the design and conditions of use of official traffic signs that can be lawfully placed on or near roads in England, Scotland, Wales, and the Isle of Man. Click Here to see the pole cones



Q. How many tactiles do I required per m²?
A. 6.25No.



Q. Can your team install anywhere in the UK?
A. We are prepared to work in all locations in the UK, please phone to discuss on 01420 543007

Q. Why should we get Rediweld to install?
A. Installation will all be carried out quickly and professionally using an in-house team, we also offer a 2 year warranty on all products we install.

Q. What does the Installation Tool Kit contain
A. We have 3 different installation Tool Kits click on the links to see what they contain
Standard-Cushions BusPads
RediPave – All RediPave solutions
Non-resin-RediKerb and SiteCop



Q. What is the benefit of using modular products?
A. They can be manually handled; modules can be replaced if damaged (not the whole item) they are quick to install.

Q. What colours are your Rubber Traffic Products available in?
A. Standard Colour is Black however we can also offer Red, Grey and Granite.