Mini Orca Cycle Lane Separator

The Mini Orca is ideal to offer segregation for Junctions or Loading Bays to allow vehicle access but still highlighting the cycle lane segregation. They are only 50 mm high so are more of a rumble strip for these locations

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Mini Orca

Mini Orca
Mini Orca (London)
Mini Orca (Hampshire)

The Mini Orca Cycle Lane Separator is designed with a low profile to provide light segregation for pedestrian areas, unloading locations and junctions.

The Product is 50mm high so allows vehicles to cross over to the kerb edge or junction and acts as a form of rumble strip making drivers aware that they have crossed over into the cycle lane.


The Mini Orca is designed to be placed within the cycle lane and positioned up to the white advisory marking.

Typical spacings are from 2.5mtr and up to 10mtr depending on the application and location.


Made from recycled rubber in the UK.

Mini Orca

Technical Information

Model    MiniOrca                                
Colour Black/White Standard (Red, Grey & Granite Grey)
Fixings 4 Fixings per unit
Width 120mm
Length 720mm
Height 50mm
Weight 3 kg

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Method Statement

Download our Mini Orca installation sheet