Orca Cycle Lane Separator

The “Orca” is a standalone cycle lane product providing a cost effective solution, it has distinctive white markings which are moulded in at time of manufacture. This offers high visibility, longevity and is available with Zig Zag or Tip Toe options and colour Black

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Orca Cycle Lane Separator (Hampshire)
Orca Cycle Lane Separators & Jislon Pole Cones
One Piece WandOrcas with Jislon Pole Cones & Orca Cycle Lane Separators (Bath)
One Piece WandOrcas with Jislon Pole Cones & Orca Cycle Lane Separators (Bath)
Orca Cycle Lane Separator

The Orca Cycle Lane Separator is designed to provide light segregation as a stand alone product. The Orca provides protection to cyclists offering a concave profile for safety and a half battered profile which is a familiar kerb face to drivers.


The Orca is designed to be placed within the cycle lane and positioned up to the white marking which highlights the edge of the carriageway. The product is classed as a kerb and must not sit on the line otherwise this would conflict with current TSRGD guidelines.


Typical spacing are from 2.5mtr and up to 10mtr depending on the application or location.


  • Complete System
    Manually handled with no infill required and relocatable
  • Clever Design
    Half Battered Kerb face on the vehicle side to deter drivers and a cycle friendly concave face on the cycle side to protect cyclists
  • Markings
    Moulded in markings for high visibility and longevity, choice of markings with ‘Zig Zag’ and ‘Tip Toe’ styles
  • Easy Installation
    Installed up to 75No. per day (with a 2m gap that is over 215 metres covered)
  • Minimum Disruption
    To users and the public
  • Surface Mounted
    Bolt down with no excavation and no spoil
  • Environment
    Made from recycled rubber in the UK


Technical Information




Model ORCA Zig Zag ORCA Tip Toe
Colour Black/White - Zig Zag Black/White - Tip Toe
Fixings 4 4
Width 200mm 200mm






Weight 6.5kg 6.5kg

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