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Jislon Verge Markers

Passive Safety Verge markers available in different options to suit application, 80mm or 1mtr high Red/White or Amber reflective banding

Passive Safety

Jislon Verge Markers

Jislon Verge Markers
Jislon Verge Markers

Verge Pole Cones
Because of their durability Verge Pole Cones are ideal for hazardous or vulnerable locations. They are available Ø 80mm and 800mm High (NSE or NF).



Easy Installation
Quick and easy to install and can be swiftly relocated.

Low Maintenance
Reducing the need of costly traffic management.

Crash friendly designed to rebound 1,000 times.

High Visibility
Improves safety at hazardous locations.

Suitable for use in many applications.

Verge Markers

Technical Information

Model Verge Marker Verge Marker  Verge Marker V-Flex
Colour Black/White/Red or Amber Black/White/Red or Amber Black/White/Red or Amber Black/White/Red or Amber
Fixing NSE NSE NF Spike
Section Ø 80mm Ø 80mm Ø 80mm Ø 100mm
Above Ground


800mm 800mm 1000mm (spike 300mm long)
Weight 1.20kg 1.8kg 1.8kg 2.0kg



**Please call to check stock and availability.


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Method Statement

Download our Jislon installation sheets for NS and NF options and V-Flex Bollard